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Real 1Y0-A22 Course Materials Help You Prepare 1Y0-A22 Exam Effective (81-90)

Scenario: An administrator needs to configure scheduled restarts for half the farm at 1:00 pm and the other half at 2:00 pm. All the servers reside in the same OU. Which two actions should the administrator take to meet the requirements of the scenario? (Choose two.)

A.    Go to the servers in AppCenter, and use the Logon Control options.
B.    Create worker groups named 1PM and 2PM, and add servers accordingly.
C.    Create two Citrix policies with settings to restart, and filter the policies by worker group.
D.    Create two GPOs with settings to restart, and assign the GPOs to the OU containing the farm servers.

Answer: BC

Scenario: A XenApp Administrator has created a Citrix policy that designates maximum compression to improve the user experience for remote users.
The Access Gateway Enterprise Edition Administrator provided the following information:
– Public URL: https://access.company.com
– Virtual Server IP:
– Virtual Server NamE.ssl_vsrv_access
– sess_pol_default- default Session policy
The XenApp Administrator needs to configure the Access Control filter to ensure that the policy only applies to the remote users and does NOT affect the internal users.
The XenApp Administrator needs to assign a (n) __________ filter and specify __________. (Select the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.    Client Name; the Virtual Server Name
B.    Group; the remote users security group
C.    Client IP; as the client IP address
D.    Access Control; the virtual server name and session policy name

Answer: D

Scenario: A large number of users log on to the XenApp 6.5 farm every weekday morning at 8:00 am. An administrator decides to configure Session PreLaunch in this environment. Which additional impact will this configuration have on the environment?

A.    If changes are required to the published application, it must be recreated.
B.    Users will consume a Citrix license even when no user sessions are open.
C.    A one instance limit is automatically invoked within the application properties.
D.    Application user load based on this application cannot be used within a load evaluator.

Answer: B

After an administrator restarts a XenApp server, the XenApp Administrator notices that the IMA Service is NOT starting. Which two components could be causing the issue? (Choose two.)

A.    RPC Service
B.    Local host cache
C.    Citrix Streaming Service
D.    Remote Desktop Service

Answer: AB

Scenario: A Citrix XenApp Administrator plans to integrate a new application. This application is profiled to be streamed to a group of users and will be published to be streamed to the client. Some users are able to launch the streamed application but a few of them are NOT able to do so. What could cause this issue?

A.    The administrator did NOT install Citrix Receiver.
B.    The administrator did NOT configure Citrix Receiver.
C.    The administrator did NOT install the Citrix Offline Plug-in.
D.    The administrator did NOT configure the Citrix Offline Plug-in.

Answer: C

Scenario: The XenApp Administrator is using application streaming to provide users with access to their applications. A user reports that after launching a streamed application, the application hangs during launch. Which step should the administrator take first to resolve the issue?

A.    Flush the RADE cache.
B.    Reprofile the application.
C.    Enable Inter-Isolation Communication.
D.    Update Citrix Receiver to the latest version.

Answer: A

Scenario: An administrator has enabled a Citrix policy called HDX Policy that enables extra compression for moving and still images for user connections greater than 400 Kbps. Branch Repeater VPX is then deployed to all remote offices; however, users report NO appreciable benefits. Which change should be made to HDX Policy?

A.    Session Reliability should be disabled.
B.    The Branch Repeater filter should be invoked.
C.    Overall session bandwidth should be added to the policy.
D.    The threshold value should be increased by 100-200 Kbps.

Answer: B

Scenario: A Citrix XenApp Administrator configured the audio quality to low in a Citrix Group Policy Object and applied it to all the XenApp servers in the farm. A few weeks later, another administrator from the team created an OU Group Policy Object and set the audio quality to high. The administrator applied the policy object to the OU that contains all the XenApp servers in the farm. What would be the audio quality for all the XenApp servers using precedence for the resultant policy?

A.    The audio quality will change every week after the weekly restart phase.
B.    The audio on all the XenApp servers in the farm will be set to low quality.
C.    The audio on all the XenApp servers in the farm will be set to high quality.
D.    Some servers will be set to use low quality audio, and the others will be set to use high quality audio.

Answer: C

Scenario: A XenApp Administrator implemented the pre-launch feature for a corporate email application. As the administrator monitors users’ sessions in the AppCenter, the administrator notices that no pre-launch sessions are being created. Application launch time continues to remain high. What are two reasons why pre-launch sessions are NOT being created? (Choose two.)

A.    One of the Citrix XenApp servers is reporting a full load.
B.    Endpoint devices are NOT using the latest Citrix Receiver version.
C.    The administrator did NOT create a pre-launch published application.
D.    XenApp Enterprise Edition licenses are being used in the environment.

Answer: BC

Scenario: The XenApp farm consists of two zones each located in a different datacenter. Last night, the network team conducted maintenance on the firewalls and this morning, the administrator discovers that load balancing is NOT working. The administrator asks the network team for a copy of the firewall rules. A few lines of the firewall rules are shown below.
access-list 102 deny tcp any any eq 2512
access-list 102 deny tcp any any eq 1494
access-list 102 permit tcp any any eq 2598
access-list 102 permit tcp any any eq 80
access-list 102 permit tcp any any eq 1433
access-list 102 permit tcp any any eq 1161
What is most likely the cause for the load balancing issues?

A.    There is an IMA communication problem.
B.    There is an XML communication problem.
C.    There is a data store communication problem.
D.    There is a Session Reliability communication problem.

Answer: A

Real 1Y0-A22 Course Materials Help You Prepare 1Y0-A22 Exam Effective