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Real 1Y0-A22 Course Materials Help You Prepare 1Y0-A22 Exam Effective (51-60)

An administrator is attempting to view information about a server process from the XenCenter console which is displayed in the attached exhibit.
Which communication process is malfunctioning?

A.    ICA
B.    IMA
C.    SSL
D.    XML

Answer: B

When engineering users from the Miami office print from a published CAD application, most office users experience decreased performance. How can the XenApp Administrator prevent such degradation?

A.    Configure the Multi-stream User Policy.
B.    Limit the bandwidth used by client printing
C.    Specify the Printer Properties retention policy
D.    Set the Printer redirection Bandwidth Limit Percent policy to 90

Answer: B

Scenario: a XenApp farm has two servers. The administrator discovers that users are only being directed to one server. The administration investigates the issue and receives the output in the attached exhibit. What is the reason that users are only being directed to one server?

A.    There is an IMA communication problem
B.    There is an XML communication problem
C.    An EdgeSight update is currently in progress
D.    The problem server cannot contact the data store

Answer: A

A company recently deployed Citrix XenApp for all mobile sales engineers. The sales engineers connect from a variety of fixed, wireless and mobile connections when visiting customers. Some users have commented that their sessions sometimes become unresponsive for minutes at a time. This only happens when they are printing customer contracts. Which policy settings can an administrator apply to stop a session from becoming unresponsive during printing?

A.    Set the maximum printer bandwidth to 50%.
B.    Execute the Stress Printers Utility on each XenApp Server.
C.    Set the default print driver to the Citrix universal print driver.
D.    Enable the "Wait for printers to be created (desktop)" policy.

Answer: A

The answer options are meant to be placed in the blank within the sentence. This type of question will also prompt you with the directions in the parentheses. A XenApp Web site, which contains modified images and scripts, is NOT working. The administrator must back up the _________ and use the repair site task, which is listed under the Site Maintenance in the Citrix Web Interface Console. (Select the option that correctly completes the sentence.)

A.    conf folder
B.    custom files
C.    global.asax file
D.    Web.config file

Answer: B

A multiple response question is very similar to a multiple choice question. The difference is that a multiple response question requires more than one answer option. This type of question will always tell you the amount of answers that are necessary – in this example two. Multiple response questions also have the answers displayed with check boxes instead of radial buttons. Scenario: Employees at a remote office have begun using a new application which produces high quality real time imagery of weather systems. There are currently no WAN optimization technologies in use between the datacenter and the remote site. The WAN utilization has NOT exceeded 40% utilization since it was installed. Users have reported that their session performance is poor when viewing real time imagery. Which two ways can the administrator improve the session performance? (Choose two.)

A.    Enable ICA Multi-stream
B.    Disable ICA compression
C.    Configure QoS on the router
D.    Configure ICA encryption to 40 bit-Logon only

Answer: AC

Scenario: An administrator migrated the data store of a Citrix XenApp 6.5 server farm from Microsoft SQL Server Express on XenApp server XAS01 to a separate Microsoft SQL Server 2008 cluster.The administrator tested the move, noted that the cluster is running well and found no errors. None of the XenApp 6.5 servers can connect to the new location of the data store. In this scenario, when should the administrator use the DSCHECK command?

A.    After restarting the data collector
B.    After using the DSMAINT command
C.    After running the QFARM command
D.    After using the CHANGE CLIENT command

Answer: B

When should an administrator use the DSCHECK command line utility?

A.    To fix errors on server entries in the data store
B.    To fix errors related to configuring Proxy Authentication
C.    To fix errors in the local host cache on each XenApp 6.5 server
D.    To generate a report of logon/logoff activity for a XenApp 6.5 server

Answer: A

After repairing a XenApp Web site, an administrator notices that the customized footer text is missing. Which file must the administrator restore from backup?

A.    Default.ica
B.    Web.config
C.    Repair.SFO
D.    WebInterface.conf
E.    LoginMainFormFoot.inc

Answer: D

Scenario: An administrator used the Server Configuration Tool to install a Microsoft SQL Server Express data store database automatically as part of a XenApp 6.5 farm installation. The initial configuration consisted of a single zone and servers in a single physical location. The administrator added an equal number of servers and users to the farm at a second physical location over a WAN. Which action would require the administrator to migrate the data store database from Microsoft SQL Server Express to Microsoft SQL Server?

A.    Adding an additional zone to the farm
B.    Mirroring the SQL database to a second SQL server
C.    Moving the database from local storage to SAN storage
D.    Adding the configuration logging database to the same SQL server

Answer: B

Real 1Y0-A22 Course Materials Help You Prepare 1Y0-A22 Exam Effective