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Real 1Y0-A22 Course Materials Help You Prepare 1Y0-A22 Exam Effective (21-30)

Scenario: A Citrix XenApp Administrator asked the Active Directory team to implement a new OU Group object to enable the Session Reliability feature. Another administrator needs to check the session reliability port number due to incompatibility with a financial application, to do so, the XenApp Administrator is creating a new Citrix Group Policy Object to set the value of the session reliability port number to TCP 2599. What will be the resultant policy on the XenApp servers?

A.    Session reliability will be enabled, and the port number will be set to TCP 2599.
B.    Session reliability will NOT be enabled, but the port number will be set to TCP 2599
C.    Session reliability will be disabled and the port number will remain in the default setting (TCP 2598)
D.    Session reliability will NOT be enabled, and the port number will remain in the default setting (TCP 2598)

Answer: A

Scenario: A XenApp Administrator is using Provisioning Services to deliver XenApp servers mode that utilize streamed applications. The administrator noticed excessive amounts of network traffic when users launch streamed applications and users report frozen sessions occasionally. How should the administrator address the issue?

A.    Cache the application at launch time.
B.    Deploy App-V for application streaming
C.    Deploy the application locally through SCOM
D.    Pre-cache the streamed application before capturing the vDisk.

Answer: D

Scenario: When users connect to their published applications, the printer configured on their workstation are mapped in their XenApp sessions. During an investigation around performance problems, the administrator discovers that a high amount of printers drivers are being installed in the XenApp servers. What can the administrator do to prevent this from happening?

A.    Disable the auto client printers policy
B.    Configure the Auto-create generic universal printer policy
C.    Configure the automatic installation of native printer drivers policy.
D.    Configure the Universal printer Driver in the Printer Driver mapping and compatibility.

Answer: C

Scenario: A company has hired 100 new call center agents at a remote office that will access XenApp applications. The WAN link completed for several months, so maximum compressions settings have been enabled from all call center users. Call center users now report that the user experience is worse. Upon researching the issue, the administrator sees that bandwidth utilization has been reduced to less than 70% on average. What is causing the poor user experience?

A.    XenApp CPU utilization
B.    XenApp memory utilization
C.    Client memory utilization
D.    Server disk space utilization

Answer: A

Users complain that their main application, mission-Critical App, takes longer to start then their other applications. Based on the published application properties shown in the exhibit, which two settings should be altered to decrease application launch time? (Choose two)

A.    Pre-launch
B.    Window size
C.    Enable legacy audio
D.    Start without printer

Answer: B

Scenario: Users from the Financial department need access to a critical application in order to act with a bank website. The application requires Microsoft office, which is not already presented on the XenApp servers. The Citrix XenApp Administrator directed to stream the application. The administrator installed the application on to a package, but notices that the application installed a driver and created a service. The installation needs to be restarted. What could be problem while to profile this application?

A.    HTTP delivery for application streaming is NOT configured
B.    The application depends on Microsoft Office, which is not installed
C.    The service creation, because it is NOT possible to stream a service
D.    The drivers’ installation, because it is not possible to stream a driver

Answer: D

Scenario: Pilot users have reported that the Aero-like capabilities provided by Dynamic Windows prevent the XenApp 6.5 hosted desktop provides an excellent users experience. However, it is not visible under all circumstances. What can the administrator do to correctly deploy the Dynamic windows Preview?

A.    Install a WAN link of 3.0 or higher
B.    Ensure a WAN link of 30 ms or less
C.    Configure a Pre-launch hosted desktop
D.    Require users to only use Windows or Macintosh user devices.

Answer: A

Scenario: A Citrix XenApp 6.5 environment contains user devices, a Web interface site and a XenApp server farm with XenApp 6.5 servers. Users complains that they can log on, see published applications and start the applications but NO ICA connection is established. Which two options can the administrator configure on this environment so that the users can establish their ICA sessions? (Choose two)

A.    Open the IMA port on all of the XenApp 6.5 servers
B.    Open the ICA port on all of the XenApp 6.5 servers
C.    Open the session reliability port on all of the XenApp 6.5 servers
D.    Open the http port between the user device and Web Interface site
E.    Open the XML port between the Web Interface site and data collector

Answer: BC

A user reports he has a poor internet connection, and his sessions are constantly dropped. Which two actions should the XenApp Administrator complete for the users session to avoid the issue describer? (Choose two)

A.    Disable sound
B.    Disable printer mapping
C.    Disable CPU Optimization
D.    Disable Session Reliability

Answer: AB

Call center accessing a XenApp hosted desktop by means of this client devices are unable to see a new multi-function printer in their session. What can the administrator do to resolve this issue?

A.    Enable the auto-create all client printers policy
B.    Add the new printer to the session printer policy
C.    Install the correct printer drivers on the XenApp servers
D.    Verify that the new printers has been added to the default printer policy

Answer: B

Real 1Y0-A22 Course Materials Help You Prepare 1Y0-A22 Exam Effective