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People Require Everyone Very seriously Maximum 700-038 Choice utilizing Likely Circulate Outcome

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Which two of the following market trends are so-called megatrends that create strategy, strategic goals, and business drivers for an organization? (Choose two.)

A. technological development
B. social networking
C. OpEx and CapEx management
D. globalization
E. cloud services
F. virtualization

Answer: AD

Understanding the customer business model is important for preparing a value proposition of Cisco Collaboration Architecture. Which two business model building blocks are intended to create business value? (Choose two.)

A. key activities
B. key partnerships
C. customer segments
D. channels
E. cost structure

Answer: CD

Which of the following is the last step when mapping business requirements with Cisco Collaboration Architecture?

A. Map process flow tasks with the collaboration map.
B. Map business model elements with the value chain.
C. Map important technical KPIs with customer process flow.
D. Map value chain and value network with Cisco Collaboration Architecture applications.
E. Map collaboration maps (diagrams) with Cisco Collaboration Architecture.

Answer: E

Which two of the following are reasons why it is important to clearly understand a customer’s business model when preparing the Cisco Collaboration Architecture proposal for that customer? (Choose two.)

A. It helps to show how to improve ROI and TCO, and align them with Cisco Collaboration Architecture.
B. It defines CapEx and OpEx parameters for easier definition of value proposition.
C. It helps to link Cisco Collaboration Architecture directly to that business model.
D. It unveils the weaknesses of the customer’s business model.
E. It presents how collaboration can increase efficiency and value creation.

Answer: AE

Services are creating additional revenue. In which way can Cisco partners benefit from offering a wide range of collaboration-related services?

A. Increase their revenues by selling a full range of Cisco collaboration services.
B. Offer a full range of Cisco services delivered through Cisco Advanced Services and increase revenue by sales commission.
C. Get Cisco Collaboration ATP certification to be allowed to deliver additional services and increase their revenues.
D. Offer Cisco and partner-provided services that support customers and improve their market differentiation, thus increasing their revenues.

Answer: D

Which of the following is a reason why it is important to identify and collect business KPIs when designing the Cisco Collaboration Architecture?

A. to be able to translate features and functionalities of Cisco Collaboration Architecture into benefits for measured KPIs
B. to be able to understand the customer’s processes, partners, business model, strategy, and vision
C. to be able to propose how the business model can be improved by using Cisco Collaboration Architecture
D. to be able to identify the weakest building blocks of the business model and propose Cisco Collaboration Architecture for that building block

Answer: A


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