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Passleader Actual IBM C6040-752 PDF & VCE Exam Dumps

Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: C6040-752
Exam Name: IBM Certified Specialist: Retail Store Solution Sales V4

The local city administration needs an interactive solution to enable people to search for local attractions. The solution will be located in many different locations throughout the city, such as the airport, parks, train stations, hotels, etc. Which IBM solution should the sales representative offer?

A.    SurePOS 500
B.    AnyPlace Kiosk solution
C.    SurePOS 700 with touch screen
D.    Lenovo PC withSurePoint touch display

Answer: B

What are two weaknesses of Micros? (Choose two.)

A.    proprietary solutions
B.    no fans in some models
C.    reliance on infraredtouchscreens
D.    10/100 Ethernet LAN slowing network connectivity

Answer: AB

A sales representative is meeting with the CFO of a retailer to explain the current proposal for a new POS system. The CFO asks the RSS representative to be prepared to justify why this project should be funded ahead of other projects under consideration. Which two actions should the RSS representative take to be best prepared for this discussion? (Choose two.)

A.    review the ROI
B.    Google the CFO’s background
C.    review the business value drivers
D.    understand the CFO’s relationship with IBM

Answer: AC

A customer wants to deploy a new cashier fraud loss prevention solution. What is the business value of this solution?

A.    reduces customer theft
B.    reduces front-end shrink
C.    improves inventory accuracy
D.    improves cashier productivity

Answer: B

A food service retailer is interested in the SurePOS 500 for their ten stores. Each store has two registers.
What is the best resource to handle this customer’s needs?

B.    RSS Reseller
C.    IBM GBS representative
D.    Retail Store Solutions (RSS) sales representative

Answer: B

What are two Internet-based resources a sales representative may use to identify POS competitors in a customer account? (Choose two.)

A.    competitors’ Web sites
B.    Hoover’s POS Competition Web site
C.    Securities and Exchange (SEC) filings
D.    IBM Retail Store Solution product Web site

Answer: AC

A Retail Store Solutions Sales Representative is staffing a booth at a trade show. Other than business cards, what is the most important information the Sales Representative should gather from each visitor?

A.    area of interest
B.    most used retail vendor
C.    retail budget projections
D.    number of lanes per store
E.    retail revenue projections

Answer: A

A food service retailer is interested in the SurePOS 500 for their 500 stores. Each store has five registers. Which two resources can handle this customer’s needs? (Choose two.)

B.    RSS reseller
C.    IBM GBS representative
D.    Retail Store Solutions (RSS) sales representative

Answer: BD

A warehouse retailer has issued an RFP for a self checkout solution with 3 years of maintenance. They asked for best and final pricing for 500 stores with 4 lanes each. What are two of the most important factors to know about the competition when pricing the solution? (Choose two.)

A.    market position
B.    maintenance terms
C.    lane configuration
D.    relationship with customer

Answer: BC

What are two technical resources that sellers may use to help sell IBM retail solutions? (Choose two.)

A.    IBM Retail Store SolutionsTechLine
B.    IBM Client Reference Materials Database
C.    IBM Retail Store Solutions sales education Web site
D.    IBM Retail Store Solutions technical education Web site

Answer: AD

Passleader Actual IBM C6040-752 PDF & VCE Exam Dumps