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PassLeader 350-080 Braindumps[15]

When an NP port becomes operational, the NP switch first logs itself into the core switch by sending a FLOGI request (using the port WWN of the NP port). What will occur next?

A.    The switch registers with the fabric name server.
B.    The switch will perform a PLOGI to the port login server.
C.    The switch will register parameters using FDISC.
D.    The NPV switch will perform a PLOGI using FDISC to register with the fabric name server.

Answer: A

The FCoE VLAN is used to carry FIP and FCoE traffic for the corresponding VSAN. Which two statements about this mapping are true? (Choose two.)

A.    The VLAN-VSAN mapping must be configured consistently in the entire fabric.
B.    This mapping can only carry Fibre Channel control and data traffic.
C.    There must be same VLANs on the A and B SANs.
D.    IP traffic is allowed if the interface is set to Shared.
E.    The VLAN must match the CNA setting.

Answer: AB

Refer to the exhibit. Which option describes the capability that the FCoE setting allows?

A.    configures the FEX to send FCoE traffic only to this switch
B.    allows mapped VLAN-VSAN traffic to reach the FEX
C.    configures FEX for A-B SAN capabilities
D.    allows interface Ethernet 101/1/1 to exchange DCBX information

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. What is the most likely reason that VSAN 88 is initializing?

A.    VSAN 88 is not mapped to a FCoE VLAN.
B.    No host has logged into the VSAN.
C.    The VSAN is shut down.
D.    VSAN 88 is not part of the trunk yet.

Answer: B

Which two actions must occur to disable the LAN traffic on an FCoE link to a host? (Choose two.)

A.    interface Ethernet 1/1, shutdown lan
B.    The switch sends a LAN logical link status message to the CNA host.
C.    interface vfc11, shutdown lan
D.    The switch send a PFC command to the CNA host.
E.    interface Ethernet 1/1, vlan 10 disable

Answer: AB

What is the main function of the device-alias distribute command?

A.    This command distributes the device alias configuration on the existing switch to all the other switches in the Cisco Fabric Services region.
B.    This command enables distribution and will send the configuration after a commit is executed.
C.    This command changes the distribution mode for device aliases.
D.    There is no such command.

Answer: B

PassLeader 350-080 Braindumps[23]


When a switch that supports enhanced zoning joins a fabric, which SW_ILS command does it use to determine the enhanced zoning capabilities of the other switches in the fabric?

A.    MR
B.    ESS
C.    ELP
D.    EFP
E.    none of the above

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. Which three statements about the exhibit output related to Cisco Fabric Services are true? (Choose three.)

A.    The lock can only be released only by the operations manager user on the switch.
B.    The admin user on the switch must clear the lock.
C.    The tacacs+ commit command is the only command that can be used to clear the lock.
D.    Any network-admin user can release the lock with the command clear tacacs+ session.
E.    The operations manager user has started, but not committed, a configuration change for the feature tacacs+ command.
F.    If committed, the changes are automatically saved to the startup configuration on all switches.

Answer: DEF

Refer to the exhibit. Given the displays from N5K-1 and N5K-2, what is the expected result if the zone mode enhanced vsan 1 command is issued on N5K-1?

A.    The mode change will complete with a warning that the zone database from N5K-1 will be distributed thoughout the fabric.
B.    The mode change will not complete due to the mismatch in the default zone mode.
C.    The mode change prompts the administrator to override the default zone mismatch and make them the same.
D.    The mode change completes, and the default zone setting remains unchanged in N5K-1 and N5K-2.
E.    The default zone setting is set to deny in both switches because it is more secure.

Answer: A

In DCBX feature negotiation, the switch and CNA exchange capability information and configuration values. Which three capabilities are supported in Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches? (Choose three.)

A.    PFC
B.    support for logical link up or down
C.    FCoE
D.    multicast
E.    speed
F.    duplex

Answer: ABC

Which statement about the iSCSI initiator task tag is true?

A.    The initiator assigns a task tag to each task it issues.
B.    The target assigns a task tag on behalf of the initiator.
C.    During the life of the task, this tag does not have to be unique.
D.    SCSI may not use this tag as part of the SCSI task identifier.

Answer: A

Which three management tools are available with DCNM-SAN Manager, Device Manager, and Performance Manager? (Choose three.)

A.    Cisco Traffic Analyzer
B.    Cisco Protocol Analyzer
C.    Cisco Port Analyzer Adapter 2
D.    Cisco Prime LMS
E.    Cisco Prime NCS
F.    Cisco Prime NMS

Answer: ABC

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