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PassLeader 98-361 Exam Questions[27]

Vendor: Microsoft
Exam Code: 98-361
Exam Name: Software Development Fundamentals

You are creating an application for computers that run Windows XP or later. This application must run after the computer starts. The user must not be aware that the application is running. The application performs tasks that require permissions that the logged-in user does not have. Which type of application allows this behavior?

A.    Windows Service application
B.    Windows Forms application
C.    DOS batch file
D.    Terminate-and-stay-resident (TSR) program

Answer: A

An application presents the user with a graphical interface. The interface includes buttons that the user clicks to perform tasks. Each time the user clicks a button, a method is called that corresponds to that button. Which term is used to describe this programming model?

A.    Functional
B.    Service oriented
C.    Structured
D.    Event driven

Answer: D

How does a console-based application differ from a Windows Forms application?

A.    Console-based applications require the XNA Framework to run.
B.    Windows Forms applications do not provide a method for user input.
C.    Windows Forms applications can access network resources.
D.    Console-based applications do not display a graphical interface.

Answer: D

Which type of Windows application presents a parent window that contains child windows?

A.    Application programming interface (API)
B.    Single-document interface (SDI)
C.    Multiple-document interface (MDI)
D.    Command-line interface (CLI)

Answer: C

The purpose of a constructor in a class is to:

A.    Initialize an object of that class.
B.    Release the resources that the class holds.
C.    Create a value type.
D.    Inherit from the base class.

Answer: A

A class named Manager is derived from a parent class named Employee. The Manager class includes characteristics that are unique to managers. Which term is used to describe this object-oriented concept?

A.    Encapsulation
B.    Data modeling
C.    Inheritance
D.    Data hiding

Answer: C

Which term is used to describe a class that inherits functionality from an existing class?

A.    Base class
B.    Inherited class
C.    Derived class
D.    Superclass

Answer: C

PassLeader 98-361 Exam Questions[25]


Two classes named Circle and Square inherit from the Shape class. Circle and Square both inherit Area from the Shape class, but each computes Area differently. Which term is used to describe this object-oriented concept?

A.    polymorphism
B.    encapsulation
C.    superclassing
D.    overloading

Answer: A

You create an object of type ANumber. The class is defined as follows.
What is the value of _number after the code is executed?

A.    Null
B.    0
C.    3
D.    7

Answer: C

You need to allow a consumer of a class to modify a private data member. What should you do?

A.    Assign a value directly to the data member.
B.    Provide a private function that assigns a value to the data member.
C.    Provide a public function that assigns a value to the data member.
D.    Create global variables in the class.

Answer: C

You are designing a class for an application. You need to restrict the availability of the member variable accessCount to the base class and to any classes that are derived from the base class. Which access modifier should you use?

A.    Internal
B.    Protected
C.    Private
D.    Public

Answer: C

You are creating an application that presents users with a graphical interface in which they can enter data. The application must run on computers that do not have network connectivity. Which type of application should you choose?

A.    Console-based
B.    Windows Forms
C.    Windows Service
D.    ClickOnce

Answer: B

You are creating an application that presents users with a graphical interface. Users will run this application from remote computers. Some of the remote computers do not have the . NET Framework installed. Users do not have permissions to install software. Which type of application should you choose?

A.    Windows Forms
B.    Windows Service
C.    ASP. NET
D.    Console-based

Answer: C

The elements of an array must be accessed by:

A.    Calling the item that was most recently inserted into the array.
B.    Calling the last item in the memory array.
C.    Using an integer index.
D.    Using a first-in, last-out (FILO) process.

Answer: C

Simulating the final design of an application in order to ensure that the development is progressing as expected is referred to as:

A.    Analyzing requirements
B.    Prototyping
C.    Software testing
D.    Flowcharting

Answer: C

PassLeader 98-361 Exam Questions[26]