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PassLeader 500-170 Exam Dumps[16]

Vendor: Cisco
Exam Code: 500-170
Exam Name: FlexPod Design

Cisco UCS Manager may be used to manage which four tasks within a Cisco UCS domain? (Choose four)

A.    Cisco UCS hardware including the chassis, servers, fabric interconnects, and i/o modules.
B.    Cisco UCS resource management including WWN addresses, MAC addresses, UUIDs, and bandwidth.
C.    Deployment of a Windows or Linux Operating system.
D.    Management of non-Cisco x86 systems.
E.    Network administration such as creating VLANs, uplink ports, port channels and LAN PIN groups.
F.    SAN configuration tasks such as creating VSANs, QoS classes and definitions, and port channels.
G.    Deploy patches for software, such as an OS or an application.
H.    Install software applications, such as databases, application server software, or web servers.

Answer: ABEF

How many cluster interconnect switch(es) are required for a 4-node NetApp cluster?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    4
D.    6

Answer: B

Which four are features of VMware vSphere as part of a FlexPod Solution? (Choose four)

A.    Workload mobility via vMotion.
B.    High Availability through vSphere clustering technology providing virtual machine resiliency in the event of a physical server or guest OS failures.
C.    Storage thin provisioning capabilities.
D.    Dynamic workload distribution for efficient resource utilization with Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS).
E.    An improved virtual hard disk format called VHDX.
F.    Improved support for Live Migration with no limits.
G.    The ability to manage non-ESXi hypervisors such as Microsoft HyperV.
H.    Support for NVGRE in the vNetwork Standard Switch (vSS).

Answer: ABCD

The FlexPod Data Center with VMware vSphere 5.1 solution utilizes a clustered file system that allows multiple hosts simultaneous read and write access to a single volume. What is the name of this file system?

A.    NTFS
B.    FAT
C.    VMFS
D.    VHDX

Answer: C

The FlexPod Data Center with VMware vSphere 5.1 solution utilizes vSphere High Availability (HA). What is a benefit of the vSphere HA feature?

A.    Allocate and balance computing capacity dynamically.
B.    Automated restart of virtual machines on other available servers in the case of primary server failure.
C.    Continuous availability for applications in the event of server failures by creating a live shadow instance of a virtual machine that is always up to date with the primary virtual machine.
D.    Ensuring zero downtime for all applications.

Answer: B

Which four are features of Microsoft HyperV as part of a FlexPod Private Cloud Solution? (Choose four)

A.    Live migration support with no limits (As many as hardware will allow).
B.    Up to 64 Servers in a Cluster.
C.    Virtual Fibre Channel support, allowing virtual machines to have unmediated access to SAN LUNs.
D.    Virtual Machines on file storage using Server Message Block (SMB).
E.    Fault Tolerance to provide continuous availability for applications by providing a live shadow instance of a virtual machine.
F.    NIC teaming via partners only.
G.    Up to 32GB of VM Memory per guest.
H.    Maximum physical memory of 500 GB.

Answer: ABCD

The FlexPod Data Center with Microsoft Fast Track Private Cloud 3 Solution utilizes an updated virtual hard disk format to support virtual disks up to 64 TB in size. What is this Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V virtual disk format?

A.    VMDK
B.    VHDX
C.    VHD
D.    HDFS

Answer: B

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