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(New Updated) Full Valid Microsoft MB3-700 Exam Dumps With New Added Questions (16-30)

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PassLeader MB3-700 Braindumps[16]

Vendor: Microsoft
Exam Code: MB3-700
Exam Name: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Installation & Configuration

You create a new user ID in Microsoft Dynamics GP and log in with that user ID. The user ID does not see any companies in the drop-down list of companies. What should you do?

A.    Assign the user ID to a Security role.
B.    Grant the user ID access to companies in SQL Server.
C.    Modify the Data Source Name (DSN) entry for Microsoft Dynamics GP.
D.    Grant the user ID access to companies in the User Access Setup window.

Answer: D

To which objects are security tasks assigned?

A.    Roles
B.    Users
C.    Organizational Structures
D.    User Classes

Answer: A

Which two statements about the Edit Launch File window are true? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A.    It allows a user to change the location of a forms and/or reports dictionary to a network share.
B.    It allows a user to view the products installed on the Microsoft Dynamics GP client.
C.    It allows a user to view products installed on other Microsoft Dynamics GP workstations.
D.    It allows a user to install new Microsoft Dynamics GP modules onto the workstation.

Answer: AB

You install the Project Accounting module on a desktop client that runs Microsoft Dynamics GP. The user who is logged in cannot view the Project Accounting fields in Purchase Order Entry. What should you do?

A.    Assign the user to a new Class ID.
B.    Edit the Dynamics Launch file and add a reference to the shared forms and reports dictionary.
C.    Change the user’s Home Page Role.
D.    In the Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports window, select the alternate windows for the module.

Answer: D

From the User Activity window, you delete a user’s ID. What happens to the system immediately?

A.    The user must reenter his or her password to stay logged in.
B.    The user is forced to close Microsoft Dynamics GP instantly.
C.    The user is able to override the log out.
D.    The record for the user ID in the ACTIVITY table is deleted.

Answer: D

Which of the following prerequisite can be installed automatically from the Component Installation window when installing Microsoft Dynamics GP? Choose the 2 that apply.

A.    Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5
B.    Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-In for Microsoft Word
C.    Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 10.0
D.    Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Answer: AC

Microsoft Dynamics GP will support what type of SQL Server authentication?

A.    Account Provisioning
C.    Mixed Mode
D.    Window Mode

Answer: C

What conditions should exist to send predefined or customized Microsoft Word forms from Microsoft Dynamics GP? Choose the 2 that apply.

A.    Macros must be enabled in Microsoft Word
B.    User sending the documents must belong to the POWERUSERS role
C.    The documents must be supported by Microsoft Word template
D.    The documents must be sent from a MAPI compliant email service

Answer: CD

PassLeader MB3-700 Braindumps[24]


If a report dictionary comes from another Microsoft Dynamics GP install with a different account framework, the dictionary can still be used without errors:

A.    If Synchronize Forms and Reports is completed.
B.    If the client install is pointed to the report dictionary.
C.    when security has been enabled.
D.    when a service pack has been applied.

Answer: A

Users created in Microsoft Dynamic GP are automatically added to the:

A.    DBO Role.
C.    DYNGRP Role.
D.    RAPIDGRP Role.

Answer: C

Which database recovery model provides point—in-time recovery capabilities?

A.    Bulk-Logged
B.    None
C.    Simple
D.    Full

Answer: D

Which Distributed Process Server (DPS) configuration allows load balancing?

A.    DPS on Services
B.    DPS on the data server
C.    DPS on a client
D.    DPS on dedicated servers

Answer: A

At which stage are remote processes selected for the Distributed Process Server (DPS)?

A.    During DPS Server Setup
B.    During DPS Service Setup
C.    At any time after initial configuration
D.    During DPS Setup

Answer: D

The Distributed Processes option is set to Local in the User Preferences window. Where will the processes run?

A.    Users will have the option to process locally or remotely when each process is run.
B.    Processes will be run locally for all users.
C.    Processes will be run remotely for all users.
D.    Processes will be run locally for only the user who is logged in.

Answer: D

You configure the SQL Server database engine that uses Microsoft Dynamics GP. Which type of authentication should you specify?

A.    Windows Authentication only
B.    SQL Server Authentication only
C.    Claims-Based Authentication
D.    Mixed Mode (SQL Server Authentication and Windows Authentication)

Answer: D

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