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Which three steps are needed for using custom task flows with business components in multiple portals?

A.    Create the task flow in each portal.
B.    Create the task flow once in JDeveloper.
C.    Deploy it once as a portal shared library to WebCenter Portal server.
D.    Import the task flow in each portal.
E.    Add the task flow to the desired resource catalogs.
F.    Download and update portal MDS (metadata data services) customizations for each portal.

Answer: BDE

As the moderator of a portal, you want to delegate all management to another user except the ability to manage membership. How do you accomplish this?

A.    Grant the user the “Manage All” permission on the portal.
B.    Grant the user the “Manage Configuration” permission on the portal.
C.    There can be only one moderator of a portal.
D.    This is not a supported feature in WebCenter Portal.

Answer: C

Which role can make a portal available for self-subscription?

A.    No roles can do this; it is not a feature.
B.    The Moderator role can do this.
C.    All seeded roles have this capability, but custom roles do not have it.
D.    The Administrator can enable any role to do this.

Answer: B

Users Lucy and Tom are editing a page or task flow simultaneously using Page Composer. Lucy deletes a component while Tom is trying to personalize (for example, move) that same component in View mode. What three things happen?

A.    A WebCenter error page is displayed to Tom.
B.    Tom cannot perform any action while Lucy is editing the page.
C.    The deleted component does not appear, and Tom can continue working on other components.
D.    Tom has to simply navigate back to the original page.

Answer: ABD

You take a backup of a portal and then delete it.Another administrator then creates a new portal with same name as the portal you deleted. If you attempt to re-import the original portal that was backed up, what happens?

A.    The portal is imported, overwriting the portal with the same name in the target.
B.    There is a conflict warning, but you can override it and then import the portal.
C.    The portal is renamed post import.
D.    The portal cannot be imported.

Answer: A

Identify two actions that are performed when you connect WebCenter Portal with WebCenter Content.

A.    A new folder is created in WebCenter Content, with the name of the connection.
B.    New Security Group and Accounts are created. All Portal documents use the Security Group and Accounts.
C.    The Content Presenter and other task flows are deployed to the Portal once you create the connection.
D.    Portal will start indexing WebCenter Content documents to enable full-text searching in the Portal.

Answer: BC

Which statement is true?

A.    If you want to use a certain page style to create a portal page, you have to upload it on the assets page of this portal.
B.    You cannot create a subpage that has a different security from its parent.
C.    When creating a portal page/subpage for a new portal created in, you are also creating a navigation item for its default portal navigation.
D.    You cannot change a portal page’s direct URL after its creation.

Answer: C

What two are prerequisites for OBIEE and WebCenter Portal (WCP) integration?

A.    SSO is configured.
B.    Common user names must be present in OBIEE and WCP.
C.    The data source for the OBIEE schema must be configured on the WCP domain.
D.    The deployment of WebLogic Server must be shared.
E.    MBean for the SOAP connection to the BI server is configured.
F.    JMS queue for BI report update events on the WCP domain is configured.

Answer: BE

After a task flow has been deployed as a new shared library, which step is required in the portal extension project to make this task flow visible from WebCenter Portal?

A.    Update only weblogic.xml.
B.    Update only MANIFEST.MF.
C.    Update both files.
D.    None, because a shared library is used.

Answer: C

Which two key tasks can be performed in JDeveloper?

A.    Create Page Styles
B.    Deploy Assets to Portal Server
C.    Preview Portal on a mobile device
D.    Create Page Variants

Answer: AC

You want all uploaded policy documents in HR Portal to have additional fields containing certain attributes (name, start date, and end date), which end users must fill as part of the document upload process using the WebCenter Portal Document Manager task flow. How can you accomplish this?

A.    On WebCenter Content, create a content type with specific extension.
B.    Create a Content Profile on WebCenter Content with appropriate rules.
C.    Create a folder titled “Policy” and upload all documents to it.
D.    Associate rules with a Portal-mapped folder that stores such documents.

Answer: C