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The system deducts materials from inventory when you report items on the work order or rate schedule as complete. What is this method of Inventory Issue?

A.    Manual Issue (P4112)
B.    Preflush
C.    Backflush
D.    Super Backflush
E.    Manual Issue (P31113)

Answer: C

Which two statements are true about Bills of Material?

A.    The E type Bill of Material Is used for prototype cost roll ups.
B.    MRP does not plan for Percent of Scrap.
C.    Percent of Scrap Is a factor in the A2 cost calculation of the parent Item.
D.    The cost Simu-lation program uses the amount in the Bill of Material Unit Cost field for developing costs.
E.    The M type Bill of Material is the default used In the simulated cost roll up.

Answer: CD

Which three statements about the Kanban are true?

A.    An inventory material push creates an inventory transfer.
B.    When a consuming work center signals for more parts, the system finds or creates a work order.
C.    Kanbans are designed to include pay on consumption for vendor-supplied items.
D.    When a consuming location requires a supplied material the Kanban system either finds a purchase order or creates a new one.
E.    Kanban is an inventory control system.

Answer: ADE

In order to retrieve a bill of material and routing, the Cost Simu-lation program (R30812) uses the following:

A.    Batch Quantity
B.    Issue Type Code
C.    Accounting Cost Quantity
D.    Operation Number
E.    Bill and Routing Type “M”
F.    Valid Effective Dates

Answer: ADF

Identify how the Engineering Variance is calculated:

A.    Difference between Standard Amount and Current Amount
B.    Difference between Current Amount and Planned Amount
C.    Difference between Planned Amount and Actual Amount
D.    Difference between Actual Amount and Completed Amount

Answer: C

Which three are valid Assembly Inclusion Rules?

A.    P
B.    Q
C.    H
D.    Y
E.    S

Answer: ACD

The customer wants to use the work center direct labor rates to calculate the cost. Where is this set up?

A.    Overheads rates at the manufacturing constants
B.    Cost by work center at the manufacturing constants
C.    Actual costing labor rate source at the manufacturing constants
D.    Employee labor rates table

Answer: B

When changing a Bill of Material through an Engineering Change Order, which three selections are true?

A.    Bills of Material for the items on the ECO are updated
B.    Work Order parts list are related to the parent item
C.    The system validates the ECO for full approval before accepting the requested changes
D.    Invalid records from the Bill of Materials are deleted
E.    The system updates the parent or component revision level

Answer: ABD

Which two statements about Process Planning are true?

A.    Process manufacturing uses ingredients and/or bills of material.
B.    Process planning plans for co-products
C.    Process Item numbers have a time series
D.    Co-products are fully satisfied by the process to receive Order Messages
E.    A co-product is a material of value that is produced incidental to, or asa residual, of the process

Answer: BE

Identify two Manufacturing Dashboard reports:

A.    Material Lead Time
B.    On Time Production Completions
C.    Actual production vs. Planned Variance
D.    Supplier on Time Delivery
E.    Work in Process

Answer: AD

Which three statements about Hours and Quantities Entry are true?

A.    Scrap reported in Hours and Quantity Entry will generate an IS General Ledger transaction
B.    A manual or batch update must be done for the correct General Ledger transactions.
C.    If the user enters both hours and quantities on a single line and re-inquires, the line will display split.
D.    Employee labor rates can be secured.
E.    Completions reported in hours and Quantity Entry will generate an IC General Ledger transaction.

Answer: BDE

The customer needs to create Work Orders to support the manufacturing process. Which three statements regarding Work Orders are true?

A.    MRP Messages for manufactured items are actually work order headers at status “Blank.”
B.    The user can specify the revision level.
C.    Values in the Work Order Type and Work Order Priority are defaulted from the data dictionary.
D.    Enabling the Work Order Freeze Code prevents MRP from suggesting expediting or deferring a Work Order.
E.    The Work Order number is also the Subledger number in a General Ledger entry.

Answer: ABD

The project planning phase, which begins after the customer accepts the quote, consists of which three of these options?

A.    Refine the project scope
B.    Project schedule
C.    Complete the scheduled project tasks
D.    Actual costing
E.    Requirement plan

Answer: ADE

Choose two objectives of Quality Management

A.    Provides the ability to create and maintain customers tests
B.    Develops a testing method for On Time Delivery
C.    Provides lot tracing capability
D.    Offers the ability to capture financial data

Answer: BD

Which statements are about available to promise?

A.    Only actual customer orders, such as Sales orders, are used to determine ATP
B.    ATP uses demand for forecast only
C.    ATP indicates the number of Items sold
D.    Actual customer orders and forecast are used as demand to determine ATP
E.    Cumulative Available to Promise (CATP) is running total of ATP

Answer: CD