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Under which IMG node do you set up the customizable inbound process (CIP)?

A.    Ticketing Customizing
B.    Cross-Application Customizing
C.    TSW Master Data Customizing
D.    Nomination Customizing

Answer: B

The actualization of a TSW ticket has stopped with an error. How do you proceed?

A.    Use the ticket reversal transaction and restart the ticketing process.
B.    Use the ticket deletion transaction to delete the ticket and create a new ticket with corrected values.
C.    Use the actualize ticket transaction after you have resolved the error outside ticketing.
D.    Use the ticket correction transaction to correct the erroneous values and rerun the ticket.

Answer: C

Which documents are created automatically in Logistics when you settle shipment costs with a service provider?

A.    Outbound delivery, material document, billing document
B.    Purchase order, material document, billing document
C.    Outbound delivery, service entry sheet, invoice
D.    Purchase order, service entry sheet, invoice

Answer: D

Standard posting groups are assigned to TSW movement scenarios. These posting groups sometimes do not meet customer requirements and must be bypassed during ticketing. To which relevance type do you assign the movement scenarios to bypass the standard posting groups during ticketing?

A.    Stock projection relevance
B.    Ticketing relevance
C.    Nomination relevance
D.    Document relevance

Answer: C

Which set of elements in bulk shipment can refer to cost items in a shipment cost document?

A.    Header, events, stage
B.    Header, vehicle, events
C.    Header, driver, stage
D.    Header, vehicle, stage

Answer: D

Which sources of information can be used to capture data in a TSW ticket? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A.    Bill of material
B.    Load confirmation
C.    Inspector report
D.    Bill of lading

Answer: CD

Which additional quantities can you include in a TD load confirmation? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A.    Dispatch quantities
B.    Consigned quantities
C.    Left-on-vehicle quantities
D.    Return quantities

Answer: CD

What are the three steps involved in a TD bulk shipment?

A.    Requisition, charging, delivery
B.    Scheduling, loading, delivery
C.    Reservation, charging, delivery
D.    Planning, loading, delivery

Answer: B