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What are two advantages of enabling the ‘Use storage-based catalogs’ option? (Select two.)

A.    Faster cataloging is available
B.    Detailed cataloging is available
C.    New catalogs are created by reading each file block
D.    On-media catalogs are copied to the Backup Exec server
E.    The size of catalogs is reduced

Answer: AD

Which two requirements must be met for a volume to be used as a Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) staging location for backup jobs? (Select two.)

A.    it must be local to the Backup Exec server
B.    it must be a system volume
C.    it must be an NTFS volume
D.    it must be a ReFS volume
E.    it must be a minimum size of 4GB

Answer: AC

Which option protects expired backup sets on disk cartridges from being deleted as soon as the cartridges are inserted into the device?

A.    Require media password before deleting expired backup sets
B.    Allow Backup Exec to delete all expired backup sets
C.    Limit Backup Exec to read-only operations on a disk cartridge if it has not been inserted for 30 days
D.    Automatically retain all backup sets on disk cartridges when they are inserted

Answer: C

Which two tasks can be performed using the ‘Database maintenance’ global settings? (Select two.)

A.    Optimize database size
B.    Change the database location
C.    Export data from the database
D.    Perform a database consistency check
E.    Import data to the database

Answer: AD

What are two advantages of using the ‘Summary information only’ option? (Select two.)

A.    Increased job speed
B.    Smaller job logs
C.    More job detail
D.    Reduced space requirements
E.    Better software compression

Answer: BD

How many new disk storage devices can be configured on a volume?

A.    One
B.    Two
C.    Four
D.    Unlimited

Answer: A

Which two types of storage devices can be configured via the Hot-swappable Device Wizard? (Select two.)

A.    USB devices
B.    OST devices
C.    NFS devices
D.    iSCSI devices
E.    NDMP devices

Answer: AD

When is the Install Device Drivers Option unavailable in the Configure Storage wizard?

A.    when Backup Exec detects hardware that is unsupported
B.    when Backup Exec detects that device drivers are already installed
C.    when Backup Exec is installed on a Windows 2003 or earlier operating system
D.    when Backup Exec is installed on a Windows 2012 or later operating system Answer: D


When does the append period begin?

A.    after media expiration
B.    each time the media is appended
C.    each time the media is overwritten
D.    after the media is inventoried

Answer: C

Which type of media is able to be overwritten only when the overwrite protection level is set at None?

A.    scratch media
B.    allocated media in any media set
C.    recyclable media in any media set
D.    media imported from another Backup Exec installation

Answer: B

Which two types of media can be given first priority when searching for an overwritable media? (Select two.)

A.    recyclable media in any media set
B.    scratch media
C.    foreign media
D.    recyclable media in destination media set
E.    imported media

Answer: BD

Media can be deleted from which media set?

A.    Cleaning Media
B.    Scratch Media
C.    Retired Media
D.    Backup Exec and Windows NT Backup Media

Answer: C