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Extended UI enhancements can be implemented using the `Component Enhancement workbench’ concept. Which of the following is NOT part of this concept?

A.    An enhancement set is used to group several component enhancements together.
B.    An enhancement set can be defined independently of Easy Enhancement Workbench extensions.
C.    An enhancement set can be created using the Easy Enhancement Workbench extensions.

Answer: C
Easy Enhancement Workbench is used for creating customer specific fields and is not related to an enhancement set.

Business Roles are the Key to a CRM implementation. What is controlled by the Business roles? (More than one answer is correct).

A.    The layout, technical & functional profiles.
B.    The navigation bar profile which in turn defines Work Centre pages, Work Center link groups and direct link groups.
C.    The role configuration key and the associated PFCG roles.

Answer: ABC
All three options are controlled by the Business Role.

The navigation bar profile controls the links in the Web Client UI. Which of the following objects can be assigned directly to a Nav Bar profile? (More than one answer is correct).

A.    Direct Link Groups
B.    Work Centers
C.    Layout Components

Answer: AB
Layout component is the container of the navigation bar or for the header

What are the different types of “Logical Links” available in customizing? (More than one answer is correct).

A.    Link
B.    Work Center
C.    URL
D.    Launch transaction
E.    BI Report

Answer: ABDE
Link: opens a CRM application such as the search or creation page.
Work center: opens a work center (for example, sales cycle (SALESPRO) or service order (SERVICEPRO)).
Launch transaction: uses the transaction launcher to open an integrated external application. This can also launch an external URL.
BI Report: opens a BI report page.

You are in an upgrade project upgrading a CRM 5.0 implementation to CRM 7.0. The auditors want to know details of data security when using the CRM Webclient UI. Which of the following statements is true?

A.    Authorization roles control access to business objects and therefore have to be assigned to business roles.
B.    Business roles contain access to business objects since they contain authorization roles.
C.    Business roles contain access to business objects since they are assigned to positions in the org model.

Answer: B
You can define authorization roles for business roles. Every authorization role contains a certain authorization profile (PFCG profile). To obtain the necessary authorizations for your business role, you need to create authorization profiles. After the authorization profiles are generated, the corresponding business role has the required authorizations.