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After you install CA Process Automation r4.1, you want to enable seamless authentication to CA Process Automation using Windows credentials. To implement this capability, you need to edit the oasisconfig.properties file. Which setting do you need to configure?

A.    isFipsMode=true
B.    SSO.enabled=true
C.    ntlm.enabled=true
D.    siteminder.ntlm.enabled=true

Answer: C

When planning your CA Process Automation implementation in production environments, you might need to consider factors such as high availability, fault tolerance, and scalability. Which capabilities help ensure that your automation solution meets such requirements? (Choose two)

A.    Executing a large amount of process instances concurrently
B.    Continuing process execution if an individual orchestrator or agent node fails
C.    Completing the execution of any given process instance within a defined period
D.    Continuing to run CA Process Automation processes in another environment if the main environment completely fails

Answer: AB

Exit links from an And operator are activated only after:

A.    Any entry link to the And operator has been activated.
B.    All entry links to the And operator have been activated.
C.    The first entry link to the And operator has been activated.
D.    The first and second entry links to the And operator have been activated.

Answer: B

When you test a new process in CA Process Automation, you discover that an error is causing one of the operators to fail. To determine the cause of the failure, the most effective strategy is to first examine the:

A.    c2o Jog file
B.    global data set
C.    process dataset
D.    operator dataset

Answer: D

The mail server for email notifications can be configured for all operators and processes by:

A.    Setting the hostname variable.
B.    Setting the outgoing mail server in Outlook.
C.    Defining an SMTPServer variable within your process.
D.    Modifying the SMTP Server for Outgoing e-mail setting in the Email module for the domain.

Answer: D

A Start Request Form (SRF) enables you to:

A.    Retrieve information that is only available from a person at runtime.
B.    Prompt the user from within a running process for a next course of action.
C.    Create an interface that can be used during the execution of a process to interact with a user in a structured manner.
D.    Create an interface that users can use to start a process instance and provide appropriate input at startup in a structured manner.

Answer: D

Which statements about JavaScript expressions in CA Process Automation are TRUE? (Choose two)

A.    The CA Process Automation Boolean dataset type maps to the JavaScript Boolean data type.
B.    JavaScript expressions in double quotation marks will result in an invalid expression error message.
C.    Dataset objects and their variables are accessed using JavaScript expressions in calculated parameters.
D.    JavaScript variables set in the pre-execution or the post-execution section of an operator can be accessed from the pre-execution or post-execution section of another operator.

Answer: AC

You have successfully completed the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) wizard. Now you need to select an input source for the Invoke SOAP Method operator. Which input source is INVALID?

B.    In line text
C.    Expression
D.    Preformatted Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) file

Answer: A