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Cisco CCIP 642-661 Practice Exam (131-135)

Which Cisco IOS command is used to view the amount of CPU resources consumed (utilization) due to running BGP processes?
A. show ip bgp process
B. show memory | include BGP
C. show process cpu | include BGP
D. show ip protocols | include BGP
Answer: C

Based on the following show ip bgp neighbor output, what is the neighbor relationship?
R-1 #show ip bgp neighbor BGP neighbor is, remote AS 65002, external link Index 2, Offset 0, Mask 0x4 BGP version 4, remote router ID
Neighbor under common administration BGP state = Established, table version = 5, up for 00:09:15 Last read 00:00:16, hold time is 180, keepalive interval is 60 seconds Minimum time between advertisement runs is 30 seconds Received 13 messages, 0 notifications, 0 in queue Sent 13 messages, 0 notifications, 0 in queue Prefix advertised 1, suppressed 0, withdrawn 0 Connections established 1; dropped 0 Last reset never 1 accepted prefixes consume 32 bytes 0 history paths consume 0 bytes External BGP neighbor may be up to 255 hops away
A. Neighbor is a regular EBGP neighbor.
B. Neighbor is am Intra-Confederation IBGP neighbor.
C. Neighbor is an Intra-Confederation EBGP neighbor.
D. Neighbor is an IBGP neighbor that belongs to the same AS as R-1.
Answer: C

Match the correct relationship between the methods used to influence BGP path selection and the traffic flow it influences.
setting the weight
setting the MED
setting the local preference
setting the admin distance
using recursive route lookup
using AS-path prepending

I) used to influence the outbound traffic flow
II) used to influence the inbound traffic flow
A. I-1,3;II-2,6
B. I-1,3;II-2,5
C. I-1,4;II-2,6
D. I-1,4;II-2,5
Answer: A

What is wrong with the following BGP configuration?
! interface loopback0 ip address ! interface s0 ip address ! interface e1 ip address ! interface e2 ip address !
router bgp 65101 neighbor remote-as 65102 neighbor remote-as 65101 neighbor update-source loopback0 network mask no auto-summary ! router eigrp 100 network network
A. The network mask statement is wrong.
B. The auto-summary configuration statement is missing under router bgp 65101.
C. The neighbor ebgp-multihop 2 configuration statement is missing under router bgp 65101.
D. The neighbor ebgp-multihop 2 configuration statement is missing under router bgp 65101.
Answer: A

AS 65101 is a dual home customer. When starting the EBGP sessions with both ISPs announcing
its networks, which two statements are true about the default behavior of BGP? (Choose two)
A. The default BGP route selection prefers the shortest AS-Path.
B. If the AS-Paths are equal in length, BGP prefers the route from the peer with the highest router ID.
C. The bandwidth available to reach the ISPs is not taken into consideration in the BGP path selection process.
D. Using the default BGP "maximum-paths" of 4, BGP can load balance the outbound traffic from the multihomed customer between the two ISPs.
Answer: A,C

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