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After deploying IBM Notes Traveler 9.0, Nancy wants to connect the servers to her IBM DB2 high availability environment in order to also provide high availability for the database. How would she do this on a Linux server?

A. ./travelerUtil db set user=LNTUSER pw=passw0rd
B. travelerUtil db set url=jdbc:sqlserver://db1.ibm.com:1433;databasename=TRAVELERuser=LNTUSER pw=passw0rd
C. travelerUtil db set url=jdbc:db2://db1.ibm.com:50000/TRAVELER user=db2admin pw=passw0rd
D. travelerUtil db set url=jdbc:db2://db1.ibm.com:50000/TRAVELER:clientRerouteAlternateServerName=db2.ibm.com;clientRerouteAlternatePortNumber=50000;retryIntervalForClientReroute=10;maxRetriesForClientR eroute=3; user=db2adminpw=passw0rd

Answer: D

Which operating system is supported by the IBM Notes Traveler 9.0 server?

A. Ubuntu 13
B. IBM AIX 5.3
C. Microsoft Windows 7
D. IBM i 6.1 POWER System

Answer: D

What is required to automate the fail over process from on an IBM Notes Traveler server to another while not in the same service pool?

A. Users must reinstall Notes Traveler on their devices.
B. A front-end proxy like IBM Mobile Connect is needed.
C. Users can enter multiple Notes Traveler devices in the settings section of their mobile devices.
D. IBM WebSphere Deployment Manager must be installed to allow both Notes Traveler servers to communicate.

Answer: B

What could be a reason an IBM Notes Traveler server shows “constrained”?

A. The LDAP server used by Notes Traveler is offline.
B. assigning 500 devices to a 32-bit Notes Traveler server
C. assigning 100 power user devices to a 32-bit Notes Traveler server
D. exact operating system versions of the devices attached to the server

Answer: B

Charles wants to determine that his server is tuned properly for the number of concurrent IBM Notes Traveler devices. He has run the console command Tell Traveler Stat Show. Which status will he use to evaluate the number of devices?

A. HTTP.MaxThreads
B. Syn.Devices.Total
C. Push.Devices.Total
D. HTTP.MaxActiveThreads

Answer: C

When users are connected to an IBM Notes Traveler High Availability (HA) Pool, what happens in the event of a server outage?

A. The load balancer used in front of the Notes Traveler HA Pool will connect the user to a server that is still operational.
B. The IBM Domino clustering feature of the IBM Notes Traveler server provides failover to a server that is still operational.
C. The other Notes Traveler HA Pool members will automatically transfer the client connection to a server that is still operational.
D. The firewall used in front of the Notes Traveler HA Pool will reconnect the user automatically to a server that is still operational.

Answer: A

Which notes.ini parameter defines the JVM bitness used by IBM Notes Traveler on IBM i independent of the program bitness?


Answer: A

Which option describes how a load balancer is used for an IBM Notes Traveler High Availability (HA) implementation?

A. secures connections between Notes Traveler servers and IBM Domino mail servers
B. spreads the user to server connections across multiple Notes Traveler HA Pool members
C. balances mail server traffic between Notes Traveler servers and clustered Domino mail servers
D. spreads large amounts of data across multiple Notes Traveler servers when users are synchronizing a large attachment to a device

Answer: B

Once IBM Notes Traveler servers are put into production, what average percentage should the CPU be below?

A. 65
B. 75
C. 85
D. 95

Answer: B

What is the minimum number of servers recommended for an IBM Notes Traveler 9.0 Service Pool, IBM Domino mail and database server with high availability for all components on Microsoft Windows or Linux platforms?

A. 5
B. 6
C. 7
D. 11

Answer: C

IBM Notes Traveler mobile client to server traffic is secured over which protocol?

A. Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
B. Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3)
C. HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
D. Notes Remote Procedure Call (NRPC)

Answer: A

How can an administrator ensure that the network communication between the IBM Notes Traveler server and the mail servers is optimized?

A. A different port other than the default RPC port of 1352 should be used.
B. The network connection should enforce secure socket layer encryption.
C. The network connection should not enforce secure socket layer encryption.
D. The Notes Traveler and mail servers should both reside in the same data center.

Answer: D

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