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What type of cloud resource contains compute nodes?

A.    IP group
B.    Cloud group
C.    Virtual machine
D.    Environment profile

Answer: B

What happens if the primary PureSystems Manager (PSM) node fails?

A.    Failover to a standby rack will be initiated.
B.    Management functions will be unavailable until the node is restarted.
C.    The secondary PureSystems Manager (PSM) node will take over management functions.
D.    The integrated console will be unavailable, but the command-line interface (CLI) can be used for administration.

Answer: C

A virtual system pattern has been deployed that consists of a web server, several WebSphere Application Server components, and a database component. Agents have been deployed to monitor these pattern parts. To be made aware of possible web server failures, which of the following actions should a system administrator take from the PureApplication System Monitoring Portal to create and broadcast a notification of this condition?

A.    Customize a workspace view.
B.    Use the Agent Builder to send an email notification.
C.    Define a condition-based alert against the monitored data.
D.    Write a custom query against historical data in the Tivoli Data Warehouse.

Answer: C

The production team has decided that a newer virtual image should be the default virtual image for virtual application patterns. The system administrator changed the default deploy settings to define the new default virtual image. What is the effect of this change?

A.    Existing deployments are manually updated by the administrator.
B.    Existing deployments are automatically updated to use the new default image.
C.    New pattern deployments automatically use the new default image.
D.    New pattern deployments have an option to select the old or new default image.

Answer: C

A system administrator is developing a command-line interface (CLI) script that manages user groups. One of its functions is to add or remove security roles from a user group. Which CLI command should the system administrator use to add permission to create new patterns?

A.    admin.groups["group_dev4"][0].roles = "PATTERN_CREATOR"
B.    admin.groups["group_dev4"][0].access = "PATTERN_CREATOR_ROLE"
C.    admin.groups["group_dev4"][0].access += admin.PATTERN_CREATOR
D.    admin.groups["group_dev4"][0].roles += admin.PATTERN_CREATOR_ROLE

Answer: D

Which one of the following is NOT a business demand that the IBM PureApplicationTM System helps enable customers to address?

A.    Capturing business opportunities more quickly
B.    Increased business innovation
C.    Leveraging technology more strategically
D.    Increased business process control

Answer: D

Most IBM PureApplicationTM System whiteboard conversations will have unique outcomes, but the most desired and logical next step in the sales process is which of the following options?

A.    An agreement to move forward with a PureExperience offer
B.    A purchase order
C.    Another whiteboard discussion with the line of business leaders
D.    An Express Business Value Assessment (BVA)

Answer: A

Which is NOT a benefit of the IBM PureApplicationTM System simplified experience?

A.    Ability to be upgraded with zero downtime
B.    Single management console with role-based processes and automation capabilities
C.    Embedded process control and security patterns
D.    Only two contacts needed for support: one for hardware and one for software

Answer: D

Which one of the following capabilities of the IBM PureApplicationTM System includes deeply integrating and tuning hardware and software in a single, ready-to-go system?

A.    Built-in expertise
B.    Integration by design
C.    Simplified experience
D.    Automation control

Answer: B

According to the IBM PureApplicationTM System whiteboard, what is the average percentage of IT budget spent on maintenance and operation costs?

A.    50%
B.    95%
C.    70%
D.    35%

Answer: C

According to the IBM CIO study, innovation-driven CIOs believe ____________ can have the highest impact by creating new revenue sources.

A.    IT
B.    New customers
C.    Contract renegotiations
D.    Cloud computing

Answer: A

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